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Flower Show

The Zilker Garden Festival
Texas, Land of Contrasts
Saturday, April 2 – Sunday, April 3, 2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
A Standard Flower Show

Austin Area Garden Center, Inc.
Zilker Botanical Garden Center, Inc.
2220 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas
Open to the Public with paid admission to the Gardens

SECTION A Petite Award
Class 1. Birds of a Feather – 8" small design of any design style or type.
Class 2. "The Texas State Fair" - A collage staged on a 6" square background panel.
Class 3. "Tea for Me" - 8" small design of any design style or type.

SECTION B Designer's Choice Award
Class 4. "Cypress Bayou" – (The bayou is on Caddo Lake) Use of water as part of the design is
Class 5. "Oil and Gas" - A Construction.
Class 6. "Charro Days" - Any design style. (Charro Days is a Mexican
celebration that includes a rodeo.)
SECTION C Table Artistry Award
Class 7. "Beachcomber"
Class 8. "Marfa’s Lights" - Mysterious glowing orbs that appear in the desert outside the West
Texas town of Marfa) An Illuminary Design
Class 9. "Fiesta" - Exhibition Table, Type II
SECTION D Novice Arrangers only*
Class 10. "Lone Star State"
  *One who has never won a blue ribbon in the Design Section of a Standard Flower Show
  Special Exhibits
Exhibit 1 Orchids - Heart of Texas Orchid Society. Display of many orchids.
Exhibit 2 Bonsai - Austin Bonsai Society. Display and information on how to grow.
Exhibit 3 Begonias - Austin Bonsai Society. Display and information on how to grow.

Affiliated Garden Club Members can participate in designs, and or horticulture. We have a Novice section that is open to designers who have never won a blue ribbon. Contact Dolores Rumpf at 512-836-2190.

If you have horticulture that you would like to enter, contact Pat Freeman at 512-836-4679 to sign up and receive a schedule.

Back for an encore performance at the Annual Flower Show, Marlene Nichols plays Music with a Difference. Marlene also plays at weddings and parties at Caswell House. Enjoy her keyboard offerings both days when you visit the Flower Show!

Marlene Nichols joins us on keyboards again year at the Violet Crown Garden Club Flower Show, in the garden center auditorium. She arrived in Austin a few years ago— from San Jose, California— and found her niche, playing for parties, weddings, and retirement homes. Marlene’s life has been filled with music: she was a pianist for Nordstrom’s, a piano teacher for 25 years, and sang with the San Jose Symphony for years. Marlene brings a unique and special ambience to any venue, as she plays Music with a Difference—the name of her business! Enjoy the keyboard talents of Marlene Nichols on Saturday and Sunday

Violet Crown Garden Club www.violetcrowngardenclub.org

For more information about the Flower Show, please contact:
Sandra Holt , 512-345-3164, email hhsaholt@att.net