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Food Demonstration Area - Live Here, Eat Here

April 2 and 3 - 10am to 5 pm

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha
Buddha’s Brew is a full strength Kombucha, handcrafted in Austin, TX. Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea, tangy with beneficial acids and alive with Kombucha Live Cultures. Their brew comes in over 15 flavors including Blueberry, Ginger, Cranberry, Pineapple Super Greens and Peach Mint. At the festival, Buddha’s Brew will have a Scoby to demonstrate the naturally occurring part of the brewing process and will be handing out samples.

Logro Farms
Logro Farms is a sustainable farm in Austin that produces gourmet mushrooms, hydroponic herbs and vegetables, and a unique line of home-growing kits. The company strongly believes in generating as little waste as possible in the growing process and strives to use recycled materials for the majority of its inputs. At the festival, Logro Farms will demonstrate their grow kits and share information about full-cycle farming.

Travis County Beekeeper’s Association
The Travis County Beekeepers Association is committed to educating both beekeepers and the public about honeybees. The association members meet monthly at Zilker Botanical Garden and you can find the dates and times online. The association also has community classes and beekeeping workshops. At the festival, the group will have a live observation hive and other bee-related materials along with information about other bee-related businesses.


Volgin is a Texas-based family startup that’s committed to making correctly germinated grain accessible to everyone. Volgin has created the BudBox Kit - a germination kit that lets anyone germinate grain to its nutritional peak consistently, easily and safely anywhere. At the festival, Volgin co-founders will share germination information, answer questions about the process, and demonstrate an array of germinatable dry grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.