2016 Monarch Appreciation Day

Saturday, September 10th – 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Zilker Botanical Garden

“…We have a lot of habitat in this country but we are losing it at a rapid pace. Development is consuming 6,000 acres a day, a loss of 2.2 million acres per year. Further, the overuse of herbicides along roadsides and elsewhere is turning diverse areas that support monarchs, pollinators, and other wildlife into grass-filled landscapes that support few species…”
Bring Back the Monarchs, Monarch Watch,

See map and directions to Zilker Botanical Garden at http://www.zilkergarden.org/about/location.html
Visitors can park free of charge in the Zilker Park Polo Fields directly across from our main entrance and use the crosswalk at the traffic light on Stratford to safely cross Barton Springs Road and then walk up to our entrance.


Admission, cash or check, is:
$1 for children (ages 3-12)
$2 for adults, Austin resident (ages 13-61)
$3 for adults, non-resident (ages 13-61)
$1 for seniors (age 62 & over)

Head to Zilker Botanical Garden for a family-friendly, educational, fun-filled event to celebrate Monarch Butterflies and other pollinators. Head to the Oak Grove to…

  • Enjoy a Pollinator Plant Sale…This plant sale will focus on fall blooming plants which are critical to migrating Monarchs as well as other pollinators.
  • Bring your kids to enjoy Children’s Activities that teach them about butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalis, and bees.
  • Scavenger Hunt –Explore the incredible world of the Monarch life cycle with a Scavenger Hunt in the Doug Blachly Butterfly Garden. Complete the hunt and receive a seed packet for your own Texas pollinator garden!
  • Visit Information Tables to learn about organizations that embrace and support restoration and conservation of sustainable natural habitats for pollinators and wildlife


Pollinator Plant Sale
Plants grown by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association (TCMGA). http://www.tcmastergardeners.org/

Benefitting Monarch Watch…
Monarch Watch is a nonprofit education, conservation, and research program based at the University of Kansas (since 1992) whose mission is “…to provide the public with information about the biology of monarch butterflies, their spectacular migration, and how to use monarchs to further science education…”
Visit their website http://monarchwatch.org/ for valuable resources supporting the endangered Monarch Butterfly and to learn how to create a Monarch Waystation.

Benefitting the Xerces Society…
The Xerces Society is a science-based conservation organization that has worked with diverse partners for over 40 years “…to make meaningful long-term conservation a reality...” Their core programs “…focus on habitat conservation and restoration, species conservation, protecting pollinators, contributing to watershed health, and reducing harm to invertebrates from pesticide use.”
Visit their website http://www.xerces.org to learn about their programs and resources and to subscribe to their e-newsletter.


Children’s Activities

  • Austin Bees – Bee hive display http://www.austinbees.com
  • AAGC – Butterfly Wings & Face Painting
  • Capital Area Master Naturalists (CAMN) – Wildflower Seed Balls. http://www.camn.org
  • Native Plant Society of Texas –“What Kind of Pollinator Might You Be?” http://www.npsot.org
  • PARD – Build a Bee House & create a Butterfly Mural
  • National Charity League - The Treaty Oak Chapter of the philanthropic mother-daughter volunteer organization will assist in the children’s activities and Butterfly tent www.nationalcharityleague.org

Information Booths/Tables

  • Monarch Waystations – Visit with citizen scientist, Chuck Patterson, to learn about providing milkweed and nectar plants and create your own Monarch Waystation
  • Monarch Gateway – A nonprofit in Fort Bend County that creates contiguous pollinator habitat across the coastal and central flyways of Texas. Last year, they donated 7,000 native milkweed plants for these habitats. http://www.monarchgateway.org
  • Native Prairie Association of Texas (NPAT) – founded in 1986, NPAT is a nonprofit that protects over 2700 acres of native Texas prairie, including endangered tallgrass prairies. http://texasprairie.org
  • National Wildlife Federation – NWF works to ensure that America’s wildlife legacy continues for future generations. By “Turning inside Kids Out”, NWF is committed to engaging children with nature and finding solutions to global warming. http://www.nwf.org
  • Keep Austin Beautiful - a nonprofit established by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, KAB is committed to empowering Austin communities to beautify and restore public spaces. http://keepaustinbeautiful.org
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) – American wildlife conservation has been around for over 145 years! USFWS is active in Texas, identifying and protecting endangered species. http://www.fws.gov
  • Austin Butterfly Forum and Zilker Garden Club – Head to the Butterfly tent to meet and greet Caterpillars, Chrysalis, and Butterflies. Monarchs will be tagged for release so we can track their migration. http://www.austinbutterflies.org

City of Austin Information Tables

Food Vendors

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