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October 2010 issue—

President's Message
Bromeliads Add a Colorful Tropical Look
Tropical Plants in Central Texas
Heart O' Texas Orchid Seminar and Sale
Taniguchi Japanese Garden Open House
Upcoming Events at ZBG
Chrysalis Giftshop Feature
It's Time to Plant Wildflowers
Celebrate Texas Native Plant Week
What's Blooming at ZBG
Walk of Friends

President's Message

Gardening…with Vision & Purpose

As we go to “press” with our 5th Down the Garden Path E-Newsletter, the City of Austin is conducting a community survey to ask citizens to help plan the city’s future. The overarching theme of this plan is sustainability. One of the “vision statements” – Austin is Natural and Sustainable – confirms that “Austin is a green city” that respects the need “to protect and preserve environmentally sensitive land…and the limitations of our natural resources” (Imagine Austin Newsletter, Fall 2010, www.ImagineAustin.net).

Well, folks, AAGC figured that out last year when we decided to “spread more green by going paperless.” As always, this issue is filled with articles of interest to local gardeners… Read more »


bromeliadsBromeliads are one of the best kept secrets in the plant world. My goal is to introduce you to the wonderful world of bromeliads and try to let you know what you are missing if they are not part of your plant collection. They are diverse, fascinating, and relatively easy to grow. There are 54 genera and 3,168 species of identified bromeliads throughout the world. They have been hybridized extensively and many new striking plants have resulted with both bloom and foliage that offer more color than any other plant I am aware of. Because bromeliads are "different" looking than traditional plants and most people consider them exotic, therefore perceived as hard to grow, bromeliads have not caught on among plant enthusiasts nearly as much as they deserve to. Read more>>



On a recent 12 day eco-tour of Costa Rica, I was astounded by the lush, fast growing, beautiful plants, flowers, and the wildlife they attract. In fact Costa Rica has created a healthy eco-tourism economy by deciding to leave their natural ecosystem alone and protect 26.6% of their land area as biological preserves. That drew us there to see for ourselves a pristine and healthy rain forest ecosystem that thrives at both sea level and in volcanic mountain ranges above 6,000 ft.
Read more>>


orchidHeart O' Texas Orchid Seminar

On Saturday, October 30, the Heart o' Texas Orchid Society presents the 10th Annual New Growers Seminar from 10am to 1pm. Lectures will include the 7 variables: Light, Temperature, Humidity, Air Movement, Water, Growing Medium & Fertilizing (called feeding). There will also be a lecture on Pests and Diseases. Free handouts—with tips for beginners on growing different orchids in the home, greenhouse or outdoors—will be available. Each person who attends will receive one free orchid. More info at www.hotos.org


Taniguchi Japanese GardenTaniguchi Japanese Garden
Open House

Sunday, Nov 7, 1-4pm.
Free admission.
Docent-led tours, displays, demonstrations.

View news release and flyer for more information.



Upcoming Events at ZBG

Be sure to check our Hours when making your plans to visit! Closing time changes on Nov 7.

Oct 18-24  Texas Native Plant Week

Oct 30  Orchid Seminar, New Growers Seminar

Nov 7  Taniguchi Japanese Garden Open House

Nov 7  ZBG closing time changes to 5:30pm

Nov 13-14  Porcelain Arts Show & Sale

Nov 25: ZBG Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 24-25: ZBG Closed - Christmas Holidays

Dec 31-Jan 1, 2011: ZBG Closed - New Year Holidays

More events & details »


Chrysalis Gift Shop

Planting glovesPlant Bluebonnets now!Get ready for planting wildflowers
with new seeds and gloves. More>


Gift Shop hours:
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat. 10am - 5pm
Sun. 1pm - 5pm




It's time to plant wildflowers!

Plant wildflowers now!Want step-by-step instructions for creating a blooming wildflower show in your own spring gardens?

Read "It's Time to Plant Wildflowers" by Merredith Jiles of The Great Outdoors.

Texas Native Plant Week in Austin

Celebrate Texas Native Plant Week
in Austin, October 18-24, 2010

What's Blooming at ZBGWhat's Blooming at ZBG

View our photo gallery of garden color including native plants and non-natives.

Tropical plants set out for seasonal color and display add to the diversity of the Zilker Botanical Garden landscape. During the hot summer months, these plants love the great outdoors but are greenhouse protected during winter months in Austin.

Walk of Friends

Walk of FriendsDONATE A BRICK TODAY! Order forms are available at the Garden Center or can be downloaded from the web site at: www.zilkergarden.org, click on Support and then Walk of Friends.

It's easy! Select the size of brick you would like, choose your message and return the form with your payment. For more information, contact Sandra Holt at 512-345-3164, or visit www.zilkergarden.org/support/friends.html
Read more »

Violet Crown Garden Club
is one of the oldest garden clubs in Texas.
It was established by Clara Driscoll in 1924, and federated in 1928. Read more about Violet Crown Garden Club on their website—

Sign up for Austin Notes

Sign up for Austin Notes, the City's dynamic e-mail update system and get news about Austin neighborhoods, parks, road closures, and more. Read more>>

Zilker Garden FestivalThe 53rd Annual Zilker Garden Festival celebrated another successful year! 

Thousands of eager shoppers came through the gates on Saturday and Sunday, to enjoy a one-stop, garden shopping experience. Enjoy our photo album »

KLRU's Central Texas Gardener

This weekly gardening show is a rich source of information for Austin and Central Texas gardeners. Check out their weekly show schedule for topics & air times, the "To Do List" for monthly gardening tasks, and much more...

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