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President's Message, March 2011

Zilker Botanical Garden is a cornucopia filled with legacies…
Donna Friedenreich, President - AAGC

When we celebrated our 50th Zilker Garden Festival in the spring of 2007, I wrote those words. Zilker Botanical Garden is filled with legacies. As you stroll around this 33-acre garden, you see the footprints left by passionate gardeners—members of AAGC-affiliated garden clubs—who worked countless volunteer hours creating and nurturing this beloved garden in the heart of Austin.

On the weekend of March 26th and 27th, Zilker Botanical Garden will open its gates to celebrate AAGC's 54th Annual Zilker Garden Festival. Photos from last year's festival illustrate that "a picture is worth a 1,000 words"…

Festival visitors—eager to plant their spring gardens--shopping with vendors from across Austin and Central Texas…

Wagons filled with plants make for happy, smiling festival shoppers!

Vendors selling colorful tablecloths and tasty gourmet sauces.

Visitors admiring the judged designs and horticultural specimens at the annual Flower Show that filled the Garden Center auditorium and Greene Room.

Kids' Corner—always a photo opportunity—with little ones admiring the butterfly wings and dinosaur masks they just created.

Gardening Talks tent filled with gardeners learning about Rainwater Harvesting.

Enthusiastic AAGC volunteers and UT student volunteers greet visitors as they enter the festival gates

So, take some time to tour our festival website, at www.zilkergarden.org, and learn about what we have planned for you this year. As always, the festival ticket is priceless—it's a celebration you won't want to miss!

--Donna Friedenreich
President, Austin Area Garden Council
Zilker Botanical Garden


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