Austin Area Garden Council

March 16th: Please note, all Garden Council meetings are postponed until further notice.

Since 1955, the Austin Area Garden Council and its member clubs have been a major partner in providing educational programming in the Austin Area Garden Center. Today, AAGC is composed of 30 affiliated garden clubs with approximately 1,500 members. Each club’s meeting features speakers on a wide range of topics from specific plants to gardening techniques to using plants in arts and crafts projects. Monthly club meetings are open to the public and held in the Austin Area Garden Center unless otherwise noted. AAGC club members also “dig in” as volunteers and work with the City and Conservancy to plant, weed, and re-create garden beds. Many clubs also offer member-only field trips, study groups, and other service opportunities.

See our Club Roster  for meeting times, websites and contact information for the club you’re interested. Or complete an easy application form , and become a volunteer.  Please join AAGC in our continued labor of love in Zilker Botanical Garden.

For other educational resources, check out Down the Garden Path an archive of AAGC newsletters with more stories about this special garden and the clubs that support it.

Information for AAGC Club Reps

Reporting form for club volunteer hours