Austin Rose Society

The Austin Rose Society (affiliate of the American Rose Society) serves the greater Austin area with information and hands-on events related to rose culture, the use of roses in the garden and the wider landscape, and the use of cut roses in the home or on the exhibition table. Our membership is a mix of new rose growers and gardeners that have been growing roses for decades.

We enjoy showing people that anyone can fit this dynamic and endearing plant into their lives. We have hands-on events that will get you growing roses right now and will equip you to face the challenges that face all gardeners. We have had events covering: selecting and buying roses, rose planting, pest controls (organic and conventional), dealing with weather extremes, creating new rose plants from cuttings-or entirely new rose varieties from seed, soil preparation, fertilization, watering and irrigation, and cutting and prepping roses for display. This is NOT an exhaustive list.

If you have a love for roses or are just curious about adding these endearing flowers to your collection of plants, we encourage you to reach out or join in at our monthly events-we love to talk roses.

Meeting: 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.

(Except July, Dec)

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