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What's Blooming at ZBG

June 2010—
As summer approaches, blooming plants are in their prime at Zilker. Some of them caught on camera include the following:  

Calylophus berlandieri (Square Bud Primrose)
Calylophus berlandieri (Square Bud Primrose) This evergreen perennial blooms all summer. After blooming, a one-third trimming stimulates new growth and a new round of blooms. This plant stays 2’ tall and compact. It is a great plant for your “Green Garden” just as it is in the Zilker “Green Garden”.

   Echinaceae purpurea (Purple Coneflower)
Echinaceae purpurea (Purple Coneflower) This is the ideal plant for summer bloom. It goes completely dormant in winter but always rises to the occasion when spring returns. Great butterfly plant.

Hibiscus x ‘Moy Grande’
Hibiscus x ‘Moy Grande’ A perennial hibiscus with 8” blooms, listed as a Texas Super Star plant is an ideal seasonal plant for your water wise perennial garden. Give this some room as it gets 3-5’ tall and wide.

  Bearded Iris
Coreopsis lanceolata (native Coreopsis) A prolific spring and summer bloomer for your Green Garden. This plant is deciduous (dies back in winter), only to return to reward you with massive yellow color.
The entry bed to Zilker Botanical Garden is adorned with brightly variegated Cannas (believed to be “Tropicana” which like their full sun location. In the background are deep purple leaved cannas with red blooms.

Late season Hemerocallis (Day Lilies)
Late season Hemerocallis (Day Lilies) are blooming in June in the Zilker Daylily garden. This Garden, maintained by the Austin Daylily Society, is a joy to explore.

coleus, caladiums, sweet potato vine
The parking area beds are ablaze with color from bright coleus, caladiums, sweet potato vine, and other contrasting colorful plants. The Zilker Botanical Garden crew does a magnificent job of providing color year round.
  Oncidium orchid
Not all of Zilker Botanical Garden’s blooming plants are outdoors. This huge blooming Oncidium orchid resides in the bay-style windows of the Green Room in the Garden Center. Adorned with bromeliads, there is always a colorful tropical plant display to be found at this location.

See what's blooming during other times of the year—

  Batface Cuphea

Grow Green guide

Descriptions of these plants are included in the City of Austin’s Grow Green informative guide, Native and Adapted Landscape Plants: an earthwise guide for Central Texas (4th Edition, 2009).  This publication is available at local nurseries and at the Garden Center at Zilker Botanical Garden.  You can also download the guide at

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