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What's Blooming at ZBG

Sep 2010—
Tropical plants set out for seasonal color and display add to the diversity of the Zilker Botanical Garden landscape.   During the hot summer months, these plants love the great outdoors but are greenhouse protected during winter months in Austin.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

   Copper Leaf & Esperanza
Acalypha (Copper Leaf) with Esperanza

Pride of Barbados
Pride of Barbados– a blaze of fiery yellow and orange



Blend in the cool refreshing pale blue Plumbago left with many colors of Penta right… and you might think you are in a tropical garden, not central Texas.


But to add to the tropical feel, the islands in the parking area at Zilker Botanical Garden are filled with beautiful tropical foliage plants, Caladiums, Calocasia, Heliconia, Gingers, Schefflera, etc.
  Sweet Potato Vine
PLUS added color from Coleus, sweet potato vine, purple fountain grass, etc. makes Zilker Botanical Garden the place to be in late summer!!!

See what's blooming during other times of the year—

  Batface Cuphea

Grow Green guide

Descriptions of these plants are included in the City of Austin’s Grow Green informative guide, Native and Adapted Landscape Plants: an earthwise guide for Central Texas (4th Edition, 2009).  This publication is available at local nurseries and at the Garden Center at Zilker Botanical Garden.  You can also download the guide at

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