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Support ZBG - Walk of Friends

Help build a pathway to a bright future for Zilker Botanical Garden! By purchasing an inscribed brick on the Walk of Friends, you can honor someone important in your life or commemorate a special event.

Bricks are available for $100 (4” x 8”) or $500 (8” x 8”). Your inscription might be your name and message or a tribute to someone you cherish. The bricks are also an excellent way to honor a family member, friend or gardener who has mentored you.

Your brick will be placed in the Walk of Friends, which curves through the tranquil and beautiful Rose Garden. This beautiful walk complements the gardens and is a place for meditation and reflection.

Your contribution will support the Austin Area Garden Center, Inc.’s projects in the gardens. Zilker Botanical Garden annually entertains and inspires 450,000 visitors, including thousands of school children. Nestled in the heart of Austin, the beautiful gardens offer horticulture, waterfalls, wildlife, and nature trails.

Maintenance and expansion funding of Zilker Botanical Garden is provided by the City of Austin, the Austin Area Garden Center, Inc. and private donations.

View the brochure & order form in PDF format.

Donations are tax deductible at the rate permitted by Federal law.


Walk of Friends

$500 Brick: measures 8 x 8,
up to 7 lines with 15 spaces each

$100 Brick: measures 4 x 8,
up to 4 lines with 15 spaces each

$500 Brick Donors

AAGC for Bill Ater
AAGC for Charlotte & Larry Cranberg
AAGC for Sadie Mc Rae
AAGC for Bette J. Millis
AAGC for Edie & John Musgrove
AAGC for Howard Holt
AAGC for Douglas Grim
Wilda Campbell
Thomas L. Davis
Cathy & Bob De Cesare
Sarah Goodfriend
Pat Hartman

Michael Hylton
Susan Jarratt
Michael Jim
Guy Oberg III Morgan Oberg
Ileene Picket
Keith Prilliman
Robbie Rutherford
Terry Sanders
Ranjeev Singh
Don Spellmann
$100 Brick Donors

AAGC for Milvina Cloud Kohlert
AAGC for Norma J. Lynch
AAGC for Mary & Wilton Orson
Kay Aielli
Austin Cactus & Succulent Society
       for Doug Miller
Vera Balcom-Boone
Laura Barit
Tony Beckwith
Becky Botken
Janet Breedlove
Charlene Browning
Mimi Buzbee
Leslie & Liz Cadwallader
Liz Cannedy (2)
Kerri Carter
Cathy & Bob Cesare
John Choi
Eileen Ciarlo
Aaron Crain (2)
Kimberly Cummings
Chris & Ela Denny (2)
Susan Domelsmith
Diana Elliott
Susan Erickson
Louis Evans, IV
Misty Fridono
Keith Gallimore
Garden Club of Austin forChuck Burt
Garden Club of Austin for Sol Steinberg
Garden Club of Austin for Paul Green
Monica Gaylord for 50th Anniversary,
      Heart O'Texas Orchid Society
Ashlea Erin Godwin
Brenda Gustafson
LHG Guyton
JoAnn Hall
Tim Hanson
Ernst Harmse (2)
Jesse Harris
Sam Henry
Brittney Hoch
Lydia Hock
Jo Anne Hollister
Hella Holoubek (2)
Lisa Hotzgrafe
James Jacobs

Robert Jones
Laura Joseph for Howard Holt
Laura Joseph for Dr. Steve Reynolds
Larry Kaplan
Ellen Lazaretti
Peggy KongGiulia Luca
James Luca
Catherine Mann (2)
Joellen Meyers
Jo Anne Miller
Michael Mulvaney
Israel Enrique Arcaira Munco
Maureen O'Connor
Optimistic Garden Club for Marie Offerman
Rob Ossian
Darlene Outlaw
Mary Helen Patrenella (2)
Susan Phillips
David Renault
Gloria Reyes
Cindy Salazar
Lou Jean Schneider
Christy Seal
Barbara Selke-Kern
Shahram & Karen Shafie
Laverne & Jon Sharp
Gerald Taylor
TCMG for Becky Waak
TCMG for Harland Doak
TCMG for Eleanor Pratt
TCMG for Donald Telge
Margarita Thompson
Mansoor Tqhehchian
Charles Thrash
Juanelle Turner
Joy Vartanian
Mary  Volente
Angela Ward
Mark Warner
Freddie & Jim Wells (4)
Westlake Hills Garden Club
      for Lt. Col (Ret) John Musgrove
Zilker Garden Club (Angie Umlauf)
Zilker Garden Club (Pauline Beezley)
Zilker Garden Club (Bobby Waldrop)
Zilker Garden Club (Gerda McKern)


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