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By: Anne VanNest, Travis County Master Gardener Association

The Travis County Master Gardeners Association and The Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Travis County announce the release of a new book…

"Creating a Drought-Resistant Garden in Central Texas"
It's all about water-thrifty gardening in central Texas!book

Central Texas is a wonderful place to live and garden. It also can be a challenge to keep plants healthy and happy when the weather turns hot and dry. The Travis County Master Gardeners Association has harvested a bounty of advice, facts, lists and tips specifically for gardeners who are dealing with the challenges of drought and dry weather. It is possible to create a beautiful garden while saving a precious natural resource – one drop of water at a time. Help is in your hands.

Filled with collective wisdom from local gardening experts, Creating a Drought-Resistant Garden in Central Texas is about surviving and thriving when Mother Nature brings dry weather. Included are ways to conserve water in the garden without sacrificing the entire area to a no-water "zero-scape" area of stone, desert cacti or sun-withered succulents.

The principles and tips outlined in this book are important for gardeners in this drought-prone region of Central Texas where outdoor water restrictions are ongoing as well as for anyone who wants to be more water-conscious. A sustainable approach toward gardening is one of the many ways homeowners can soften their impact on the local environment.

Creating a Drought-Resistant Garden in Central Texas includes information on:

  • Planning and design
  • Improving the health of soil
  • Selecting appropriate plants (with numerous plant lists)
  • Creating practical lawn areas
  • Using efficient irrigation
  • Applying mulches
  • Watering appropriately

Some of the information in this book first appeared in Xeriscape Landscaping in the Austin Area published in 1993 by the Xeriscape Garden Club of Austin Area, Inc. The concept and ideas behind Xeriscape have grown and changed significantly since that time, which prompted several Xeriscape Garden Club members to update the information for the Central Texas area. The result was the Xeriscape for Central Texas book published in 1998. In 2002, a revised edition was published by the Austin Energy Green Building Program under the direction of Dick Peterson, Environmental Program Coordinator. In 2009, the Travis County Master Gardeners Association accepted the publishing rights to this book and with input from Master Gardener members have built upon the dedication, expertise and knowledge of the original authors and former Xeriscape Garden Club members to create this revised and updated resource for gardeners in Central Texas.

Ordering information:
Available at many local independent nursery or garden centers.
ISBN: 978-0-615-47321-5
245 pages, 8 ½" x 11", spiral bound, available now.
Or contact: TCMGA Publications Distribution Coordinator
Phone: 512-854-9600
E-mail: gardenguideorder@gmail.com

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