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Volunteer at ZBG

Click here to view the Volunteer invitationZilker Botanical Garden has a place for your expertise and interest!

To volunteer with the Docents, contact:

Roberta Sherfy
Phone (512) 964-4628
ZBGC Educational Coordinator | Zilker Botanical Garden

To volunteer with the Horticulture Staff, contact:

Merrideth Jiles
Phone (512) 974-2084 | Fax (512) 974-2087 | Mobile (512) 563-4653
Garden Center Coordinator/Zilker Botanical Garden

The volunteer application form and form for reporting club volunteer hours (PDF) are available online. View "Volunteer with the Docents".

Education Program

We need docents for fun and energetic school garden tours at Zilker Botanical Garden. You don't know what you've missed until you help children find caterpillars in the Blachly Butterfly Garden, or share the excitement when a butterfly lands on a child's finger. Read more about docents. With the Education Program, you'll:

  • Share your knowledge with eager young minds
  • Give children an opportunity to interact with caring adults
  • See the look of wonder on a child's face at a new discovery
  • Promote a child's love of nature
  • Learn more about botany, butterflies, dinosaurs, and the origin of foods

To volunteer call (512) 477-8672 ext. 13.

Garden Greeters

If you like meeting new people, Garden Greeters is perfect for you! Garden Greeters welcome the public and answer questions about the gardens. It's an exciting job because Greeters get acquainted with people from around the world. Greeters also answer the phone, assist in the Gift Shop, conduct tours, and assist the Austin Area Garden Council executive board. There's a new experience every day. As a Garden Greeter, you'll:

  • Learn about gardening and wildlife
  • Meet fabulous people and make new friends
  • Make a long-lasting impression on a world-class botanical garden

Horticulture Program

If you like to get your hands in the dirt, this is the job for you! Work with experienced gardeners to learn planting and propagation techniques, garden maintenance, and plant identification. It's a great way to improve your horticultural knowledge as well as to contribute to the gardens that fascinate visitors from around the world. As a horticulture volunteer, you'll:

  • Learn about all kinds of plants and their maintenance
  • Work with veteran gardeners
  • Enchant the public with the beauty you've helped create


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