Porcelain Art Club of Texas

In October 1959, a group of ladies met to discuss becoming the Austin China Painting Club, now the Porcelain Art Club of Austin. This group had their organizational meeting with 34 ladies attending and on November 1, 1959, the first official club meeting was held.

Porcelain artists have a common interest in painting various subjects on white china using special paints designed to be fired into the dishes. This technique traveled through the world and is a long-standing type of painting. Many artists have learned from their mothers or grandmothers, much like our member Candy Ferren. She began attending meetings as a child with her grandmother, Gladys Henderson. Candy is an active member of the club sharing her knowledge.

The PAC of Austin is composed of painters with various interests. We are a teaching/learning club. Many members provide the monthly program showing new and old techniques of porcelain painting that they enjoy and wish to share with others.

We invite anyone interested to attend a monthly meeting. Some members are teachers who welcome new students and are willing to teach all.

Meeting: 2nd Monday 9:30am

(Except Jan & Sept)

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