Summer Internship

Not currently accepting applications.

About the ZBG Internship Program

The Garden Club of Austin (TGCOA) is funding a paid summer internship in partnership with
the Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy. The starting and finishing dates of the ten-week
internship are flexible. The internship will focus primarily on horticulture and grounds
maintenance at the Zilker Botanical Garden, although the intern may also be involved with
some program and event preparation to create a well-rounded public garden experience.
Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in horticulture-related fields of study are
encouraged to apply. Selection will be based on the applicant’s demonstrated interest in
horticulture and on academic performance. Residence in Central Texas will be considered
only when qualifications are otherwise nearly equal.

The ZBG Internship Committee must receive completed applications, including letters of
recommendation, no later than March 1st of each year. Applications received after this date
will not be considered. Application forms may be obtained from the applicant’s school,
scholarship, and/or career offices or by email

The Zilker Botanical Garden Education Director is responsible for organizing and
coordinating the internship program and will work in conjunction with the City Manager and
Garden Center Coordinator. Most of the internship projects and work will be with PARD,
while smaller horticulture-related projects with ZBGC