Woodland Faerie Trail

Explore the 2020 Woodland Faerie Trail from the comfort on your home! Every year local faerie architects create homes for faeries traveling through the area. If you look closely, you just might spot some faeries! Come see the Woodland Faerie Trail in person at Zilker Botanical Garden from June 1st through August 16th.

The Giving Homes & Gardens

Created by the Zilker Botanical Garden Docents

Faerie House

Created by Isla and Aaron Cloninger and Mary Petrovich

Newning Ave Faerie Party

Created by Cinta Burgos & Greta Urban

The Hayward Fae

Fairy Tale Village

Created by the Preece Family

Fairy Berry State Park

Created by Jasmine & Selah

Our Friendly Fairy Ve Laaj

Created by Vera, Eva, Lark, Aurora, Alena, & June

Mystic Woods

Created by PEACE Homeschool Village

Faerie Grandmother’s House

Created by Grandma, Juni, Pecos & Mom


Created by Daylin, Dillon, & Stacy Landry

Phippster Phaerieville

Created by the Phipps Family


Created by Erin Mefford & Kevin Mefford

Girl Scout Troop 46161

Created by Aria, Bella, Brooklyn, & Maeve

Fairy Seasons Village

Created by Girl Scout Brownie Troop 44614

Ocean Blue Faerieland

Created by Chris, Elena, & Olivia Keen

Majestic Manor

Created by Grace Campbell

Dusty’s Hideout

Created by Thom and Claire