Lexi Beriswell

Lexi has been teaching Pilates in the Austin area for over a decade and owns a local Pilates studio, Barton Springs Pilates. She was introduced to Pilates while studying dance at Sam Houston State University and was impressed by how quickly Pilates improved her core strength and overall body awareness. Fast forward to today and Lexi is a firm believer that Pilates is for ALL bodies. “No two bodies are the same. Come the way you are, and together we will find movement that’s right for you.”

Lexi’s mission is to provide thoughtfully constructed Pilates sessions that assist each client in reaching their personal goals. She aims to equip her clients with the knowledge and strength they need to maximize movement potential, prevent injury, make everyday tasks easier, and comfortably enjoy a full range of activities. She hopes that Pilates will empower her clients to do the things they love with confidence and ease of movement.