The Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy breaks ground on Butler Window Restoration Project. 

When: December 21, 2023 

Where: Zilker Botanical Garden, 2220 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78746 

On December 21st, JTA Stoneworks broke ground on the Butler Window Restoration Project at Zilker Botanical Garden.  

The Butler Window, one of the most popular spots at the Zilker Botanical Garden serves as an iconic image in the Garden. The intense usage, however, has resulted in soil compaction that is leading to erosion on the hillside below. The Conservancy’s goal, in partnership with the city of Austin Parks Dept. is to improve and stabilize the landscape around the window, while also enlarging the gathering space. The upgrade will protect the longevity of this historic artifact.  

The Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy raised over $120,000 for the project and has partnered with JTA Stoneworks, Studio Balcones, and the City of Austin Parks & Rec. Department to begin this project which has an estimated timeline of 4-6 weeks until completion. 


Austin’s Butler Mansion was commissioned in 1887 by Michael Butler, founder of the Butler Brick Company to be designed by Thomas Harding incorporating Butler bricks and Marble Falls granite. These same materials were used to build the State Capital. Butler bricks were Austin’s “original building blocks” utilized in constructing many significant buildings. Sold by the family in the early 1970s, the Butler Mansion soon was demolished, a sad but notable event that helped establish the Austin preservation movement 

The Moorish-style arch, or keyhole window, was donated to the City of Austin and relocated to the grounds of the Zilker Botanical Garden in 1971, a result of the city’s faithful effort to preserve special architectural remnants and their accompanying stories. The Garden has become home to a diverse, spectacular group—an eclectic homage to Austin’s architectural past. 

About Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy: 

The Conservancy’s Mission is to cultivate community and foster life-long learning that inspires an appreciation of the botanical world. The Zilker Botanical Garden joins many botanical gardens in exploring a wide range of programming and outreach strategies, from musical performances and art exhibits to cultural festivals and health and wellness opportunities. 


JTA Stoneworks, Studio Balcones 

Thank you to our Supporters:

Austin Parks Foundation, Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme 

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