Winter Storm Update

To say it has been a trying week would be an understatement. Even though there has been a hardship, and many of us are still working our way through it, there is still some good and beauty to be found. Enjoy these snowy views of the Zilker Botanical Garden from last week.

Once it became safe, we had a team asses the Garden in order to determine when it will be possible to reopen to the public. As expected, there has been damage to some plants and a number of trees throughout our 28 acres.
We are happy to report that the majestic heritage live oak trees throughout the Garden were unharmed, and there does not appear to be structural damage from our assessment thus far. Even the giant Koi in the Taniguchi Japanese Garden seem to have weathered the storm! We were luckily able to keep the water bubblers on so that the water remained oxygenated for them.

Like the rest of Austin and much of Texas, the Zilker Botanical Garden has been set back on its heels a bit, but we will weather this storm and be back open for all of you as soon as it is safe to do so. Check out our website and social media for updates on when we will be able to reopen.

Please come see us soon, when you have weathered your own storm and can get out and enjoy the sunshine again!